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Italian Leather Sofas

Italian leather sofas are world famous for their fine craftsmanship, chic styles and the high quality
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Italian Leather Sofas

Italian leather sofas are world famous for their fine craftsmanship, chic styles and the high quality of their leather. 4 Living’s range of Italian leather sofas are representative of traditional Italian craftsmanship, as well as cutting edge contemporary design. Italian leather is generally considered to be one of the best, if not the best, leather in the world. What makes Italian leather so special? A huge reason is the history. Italy’s history is embedded with fine leather made for things like high quality Italian leather sofas, the fashion houses of Milan, or the seats of a Ferrari. Much like the leather producers of Italy, 4 Living pride themselves in providing a high quality product. 4 Living’s range of beautiful Italian leather sofas by Polo Divani combine functionality, style and quality. Polo Divani is one of the world’s most renowned retailers of high quality Italian leather sofas and armchairs. Their subtle colour tones keep their leather collections original, classy and constantly in fashion. The Polo Divani sofas in 4 Living’s sofa collection are all made with real Italian leather and come in a variety of different colours and styles. The reclining Italian leather sofas and chairs in the collection are the ultimate in contemporary luxury. Smooth electric power recliners enable you to fully relax at the end of a long day. A great feature in the power recliners of the ‘Kentia’, ‘Merry’ and ‘Arno’ is that each side of the sofa has a separate recliner, which means both people on the sofa don’t have to be reclined at once. These little touches help to make the Polo Divani collection functional as well stylish. Polo Divani’s range varies from luxury recliners to sleek, sophisticated contemporary styles. The ‘cappuccino’ coloured leather and smooth symmetry of the ‘Cartesio’ sofa is the perfect way to show off the quality of the Italian leather. The gorgeous cream leather of the ‘Mirto’ is another fantastic way to show off the luxurious leather. The neutral cream tone of the leather means that the sofa will look great in most rooms and, unlike a pure white sofa, is easy to keep clean. All of the sofas in the Polo Divani Italian leather sofa collection are made to the very highest standards; something 4Living pride themselves on. Attention to detail is something you would expect from a high value purchase. The history of Italian craftsmanship over the decades is echoed in the quality, functionality and durability of Polo Divani’s Italian Leather Sofas.