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Console Tables

4 Living are proud to offer a selection of stylish and contemporary console tables...
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Console Tables

4 Living are proud to offer a selection of stylish and contemporary console tables which effortlessly strike the perfect balance between functionality and style. Our range of sleek and stylish console tables are made using solid wood and make fantastic additions to a room without occupying too much space, while also acting as a really stylish contemporary statement piece. A console table is one of the most versatile pieces of furniture you will find and looks just as at home in a hallway, as it does in any other room of the house. It can be used as an occasional hallway table, laptop desk, or dressing table. And when it comes to fitting in with your decor, the colours and tones of our light wood and dark wood console tables will sit well against any paint colour or wallpaper. The compact and slim nature of a console table means you will always be able to add style to your home, without taking up too much floor space. Our collection of console tables includes numerous finishes, sizes and materials, ensuring you can find the perfect contemporary console table to suit your home. Oriental Lacquer Console Tables Console tables are often a popular choice for an entrance hall or lobby area. What better way to give an instantly contemporary first impression than displaying an elegant and refined console table from the 4 Living Contemporary oriental collection. Available in a luxurious, deep black lacquer or a subtle creamy white, oriental console tables are characteristic of both traditional Chinese furniture and modern contemporary furniture. The rugged edging, which exposes the golden tulip wood beneath, is a beautiful feature which ensures a more organic and less artificial, manufactured look. A cream white console table makes the perfect oriental dressing table, and will really brighten up a room. Storage drawers will eliminate surface clutter, and the neutral cream tone will ensure that the console blends effortlessly into the room, while a complementary white mirror will look stylish and elegant on top of the smooth lacquer surface of the table. Oriental cream lacquer is the perfect match for pastel colours such as pale blue, apricot, pink or lilac and is really suited to creating a light and feminine atmosphere in the bedroom. Although it looks great in a feminine setting, cream lacquer is also a beautiful way of reflecting light through your living space in a more eye-catching and angular way. If you have a cosy and compact living room, which you would like to make bigger, the subtle velvety lacquer gloss of a cream white console table will spread the light around the room, but won't take up too much space itself. A compact item of furniture, which you can see behind (underneath the legs) is a fantastic way of making the most of the space you have, as well as making the room seem larger. Large Chinese Style Console Tables 4 Living’s large console table is ideal if you are looking to fill a bigger space, or perhaps to gain more storage space without compromising on style. The majestic black lacquer console is elegant and hard wearing, able to withstand the knocks of everyday life with only a few simple maintenance techniques. With two spacious drawers and a stylish lacquer finish, the large console table provides great balance between form and function. Our large Chinese style console tables can also make the perfect stylish contemporary desk. A large console table has enough space to fit a laptop or desktop computer, as well as any stationery trays or folders you may need close by. Two deceptively spacious storage drawers provide a home for and desk-top clutter; a clutter-less desk is proven to improve your mood and increase productivity!