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Oak Coffee Tables

4 Living's stylish and contemporary collection of solid oak coffee tables combines...
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Oak Coffee Tables

4 Living's stylish and contemporary collection of solid oak coffee tables combines cutting edge European design with the beauty of natural oak grain. Oak has been used to make furniture for centuries, but 4 Living's beautiful collection of solid oak coffee tables shows it in a new and refreshing light. Where possible, 4 Living's collection of contemporary solid wood furniture is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council certified as 100% recycled, and further collections continue to gain certification. Solid wood is infinitely sustainable; for every tree you use to make furniture, you can plant two. Some of the plastics and artificial materials, used to make a lot of contemporary furniture, have a potentially harmful impact on the environment. 4 Living's environmentally aware outlook is shared by Ethnicraft, who design and manufacture all of the furniture in the solid oak collection. Contemporary furniture must have aesthetic value and beauty, but it still has to be functional. We don't all live in show homes, so we should have furniture which can withstand everyday use. Oak is the perfect solid wood with which to make a coffee table, an item which is in constant use. Apart from the obvious authenticity in appearance, the main difference between real solid wood and a veneer is its resilience to everyday life. Once a veneer has cracked, it is irreversibly damaged. By contrast, solid wood is far more durable and should it become damaged or marked, it can be sanded and re-oiled to create a new surface. Most people consider the living room the heart of the home; all of the energy and atmosphere in the home should generate from the living room. The centre of the living room itself is the coffee table, which itself should dictate the style of the whole room. Contemporary solid oak coffee tables are the perfect living room focal point as they provide a subtle balance between natural wood and contemporary designs. Oak is famous for its light grain, and creates an elegant juxtaposition with the clean lines of contemporary design. The benefit of modern solid wood coffee tables is that, although their lines are contemporary, their simplicity and soft oak grain will enable them to blend in to most interior styles. The proportionate symmetry of 4 Living's solid oak coffee tables means that they still look great alongside more traditional designs. The 'less is more' philosophy of the oak coffee table collection is visible throughout 4 Living's different solid wood ranges. Oak is beautiful in its own right, but can also beautifully complement other materials which are more frequently associated with contemporary designs. Solid oak coffee tables look fantastic with the majestic sheen of polished glass, or the contemporary lines of stainless steel. A subtle feature such as a glass top can provide an injection of contemporary style if you would like a more modern statement piece for your living room. Solid oak coupled with brushed stainless steel, makes for an altogether more modern style; a brushed stainless steel frame can give your coffee table a light and airy feel, which will add a sense of space to your living room. Once you have chosen your coffee table, you can accessorise your living room to work with the grain of the oak. Oak has a soft appearance, perfect for creating a relaxing and harmonious living room. The solid oak coffee tables in our contemporary solid wood collection all have the same light tone, and look fantastic alongside pale pastel colours. A coffee table with a combination of oak and stainless steel will look great with a charcoal sofa or dark blue soft furnishings.