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Living Room Furniture

Choosing the right living room furniture is incredibly important, as the…
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Living Room Furniture

Choosing the right living room furniture is incredibly important, as the living room can set the tone and style for the rest of the home. Whether you are looking to create a relaxing and calm oriental style living space, an ultra modern living room full of design statement, or anywhere in between, 4 Living have the furniture to turn a lifeless living room into a vibrant contemporary environment. 4 Living is proud to offer a beautiful collection of contemporary oriental living room furniture. The term ‘contemporary oriental’ refers to 4 Living’s delicate balance between traditional Chinese lacquer furniture and contemporary furniture, with clear cut clean lines and defined symmetry. The beauty of this traditional/contemporary balance is that the furniture in this collection will look great alongside so many other styles of living room furniture. The black lacquer contemporary oriental collection adds elegant style to the living room. The luxurious black lacquer helps to create a warm and welcoming environment, as well as looking great with most other colours. A beautiful living room furniture piece such as the black lacquer ball-leg table has ball shaped legs which are influenced by traditional oriental style, as well as a smooth contemporary table top. This mix of style means the table looks great alongside a vintage sofa such as the brown leather ‘Chesterfield’ as well as contemporary sofas such as the ‘Nevada’ or ‘Ellipse’. The traditional oriental art of Feng Shui relies heavily upon open spaces and a constant flow within a room. The light, luxurious cream lacquer from 4 Living’s oriental living room furniture collection, helps to spread light and create a continuous flow of space throughout the room. The smooth surfaces and clean lines of the cream lacquer coffee table make it the perfect centre piece for the contemporary living room. When you are looking for the perfect living room furniture, stylish and comfortable seating can be difficult to find; you usually have to sacrifice one or the other. 4 Living have sourced some of the most stunning and comfortable sofas around, forming a varied and interesting collection of living room furniture.

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