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Chests of Drawers

One of the most difficult things to achieve in designing a home can be striking a...
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Chests of Drawers

One of the most difficult things to achieve in designing a home can be striking a balance between aesthetics and practicality. Whether it is lacquer, Oak, Walnut, Teak or Bamboo, all of our chests of drawers provide both these features in abundance. Chests of drawers are typically used to store clothes in a bedroom and can be an elegant and stylish touch. However, they are equally useful as a stylish home office accessory or as living room storage. Our chests of drawers come in all sizes, shapes and tones to suit your home.

Chests of Drawers – click here to view our collection of bedroom furniture.

Contemporary Oriental Lacquer Chests of Drawers

Our contemporary oriental chests of drawers are available in multiple sizes with varying numbers of drawers - all of which are available in both the black and white lacquer collections. The smallest of the three is the four drawer, which is extremely versatile and can be used to store clothes, shoes or even as a home office filing cabinet. The five drawer chest is slightly taller and wider and is a beautiful addition to any contemporary or traditional style bedroom.

Solid Oak Chests of Drawers

4 Living are proud to offer an extremely stylish selection of solid wood chests of drawers from some of the finest designers in Europe. We offer many different wood tones and sizes to enable you to make just the right choice when purchasing stylish storage space.

Our range of Oak chests of drawers has a distinctly contemporary feel to it, but maintains the natural warmth associated with traditional solid wood furniture. An Oak chest of drawers will provide your bedroom with plenty of clothes storage, whilst supplying the room with a bright and natural glow. The Oak used in our collection of solid wood furniture is of the very highest quality; none of the drawer bottoms, or back panels, use any veneers or imitations.

As well as light, pastel toned Oak, the solid Oak furniture collection also includes items of steamed Oak contemporary bedroom furniture. Oak, steamed under high pressure, produces a much richer tone. The addition of a warm, rich steamed Oak chest of drawers can bring a cosy sense of comfort to the bedroom.

Solid Teak Chests of Drawers

Teak originates in the tropical climates of the sub-continent, but that doesn't mean it can't look fantastic in your bedroom. Teak produces natural oils, which protect its surface from moisture; the effect of these oils is an effortlessly beautiful and nourished grain. Of all wood types, solid Teak perhaps feels the most connected to nature. A Teak chest of drawers, coupled with a Teak bed, can create a really flowing, beautiful and natural bedroom environment.

Solid Walnut Chests of Drawers

Walnut is a luxurious, yet durable solid wood. Its alluring dark tone makes it an extremely popular choice for bedroom furniture. 4 Living's Walnut bedroom furniture range features a number of different styles of Walnut chests of drawers. From chunky, modern, European designs to more traditional styles, the Walnut chest of drawers range really has something for everyone. As well as its notable beauty, Walnut is an exceptionally durable sold wood, and can last a lifetime if cared for properly (which is not a lot of work!)

Large Chinese Chests of Drawers

Our large Chinese lacquer chests of drawers are available in black or luxury light cream colour lacquer. The chests, which are available with eight or five drawers, are large yet elegant statement pieces and all look fantastic against feature wallpaper in a bedroom. With a wide and low configuration, an eight drawer chest provides lots of useful surface area and so can also double as a sideboard in a kitchen, dining room or living room.

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