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Bedside Tables

4 Living sell a wide range of bed side tables, including solid wood bed side tables...
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Bedside Tables

4 Living sell a wide range of bed side tables, including solid wood bed side tables and oriental lacquer designs. Contemporary style, a relaxing atmosphere and everyday functionality are all aspects essential to the modern bedroom. Contemporary design depends on balance and symmetry, two things which you can add with solid wood or oriental bed side tables. With both modern and traditional influences and tones, which are extremely versatile, 4 Living's collection of bed side tables are the perfect choice for a wide variety of settings.

Two important aspects of a contemporary bedroom are symmetry and space. Bed side tables can provide both by sitting either side of your bed, whilst tidying away the small items which disrupt the flow of the room. The more flow a room has, the more relaxing it will feel. Although they are relatively small pieces of furniture, they can make a big impact and really help you to create a stylish and personal bedroom environment.

Solid Wood Bed Side Tables

4 Living offer a range of solid wood bed side tables to suit any home. The striking straight lines of the contemporary Oak bedroom range are beautiful examples of innovative contemporary designs. Sleek, smooth Teak bed side tables with slim legs will look excellent in a minimalist bedroom environment and complement your elegant décor.

The tone and grain of solid wood furniture can really change the atmosphere and feel of a room. A solid Oak bed side table can help to spread light and, in turn, create a light and harmonious atmosphere, while the more oiled and rich tone of Teak will help to create a warm and cosy bedroom and will look great in a room full of reds and browns.

The natural grains of Oak, Teak and Walnut all provide their own unique and relaxing tones. All of our contemporary Oak, Teak and Walnut bed side tables are made from completely solid wood: no veneers, no funny business. A lot of ‘solid wood’ furniture is advertised as solid wood, but has back panels, draw bottoms or even side panels which are veneers, plywood or a lower grade of wood. Every one of 4 Living’s solid wood bed side tables are exactly as they are described: solid, stylish and long lasting.

Oriental Lacquer Bed Side Tables

Oriental design is synonymous with clean lines and smooth surfaces. 4 Living’s oriental bedroom furniture collection is a perfect blend of contemporary styling and traditional features, such as brass handles and distressed edges.

The contemporary oriental bed side tables from 4 Living have an attractive lip around the tabletop, as well as traditional Chinese style linear moulding along the legs. The luxurious smooth black lacquer or subtle cream white lacquer finish is complemented by a distressed edging, which reveals the golden tulip wood (Poplar) underneath. The table’s blend of contemporary lines, traditional Chinese designs and practical storage make it the perfect piece of compact bedroom furniture. The range of oriental nightstands and side tables represent a contemporary take on a traditional style, which creates a timeless design.

4 Living are proud to offer a selection of different contemporary nightstands, which provide an excellent amount of storage and are also extremely sturdy and durable. The linear appearance of a contemporary nightstand or side table will really complement the symmetry and balance of a contemporary style bedroom and won’t look out of place in a more traditional interior either.

A contemporary black or white trunk will suit those looking for that extra bit of storage, without compromising on contemporary style. Trunks and ottomans are the perfect storage solutions for the contemporary oriental bedroom. Clean lines, simple neutral colours, and Chinese newspaper style lining provide the perfect balance between functionality and modern oriental style. Trunks and ottomans are great for small bedrooms with awkward alcoves or low bay windows.

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