Our Top 5 Pieces of Contemporary Oriental Furniture

We’re happy to be completely immersed in the world of contemporary furniture and design, but we’ll never forget where it all started. 10 years ago we started with a few core collections of contemporary oriental furniture, which still thrive today. The additions of new designers and suppliers has ensured that we can still offer one of the most unique and interesting ranges around.

Here are our favourite 5:

4 Living’s Black Lacquer Console Table – The black lacquer console table is one of the signature items from¬†4 Living’s internationally renowned contemporary oriental collection. The thick black lacquer combines nicely with the distressed brass handles, providing a refreshing new take on a classic style.

Red Shanxi Oriental Painted Cabinet – Chinese style furniture has historically been defined buy the iconic national colours of red and gold. The deep dark red provides the perfect backdrop for hand painted gold and black motifs. This cabinet is certainly more on the traditional side of the oriental furniture landscape, but it wouldn’t look out of place in a slightly more modern setting.

Teal Chinese Butterly Cabinet – Colour can make such a big difference with this style of furniture. The vibrant, almost electric, teal painted finish makes this cabinet a true combination between modern and traditional. The detailed, hand-painted motifs give the cabinet a real sense of energy in combination with what is a far more modern colour. The black painted sides also add to the depth and aesthetic character of the piece.

Black Lacquer 8 Drawer Chest – The 8 drawer chest is 4 living’s best representative of how oriental designs can thrive in a modern home. The majestic chest is larger and more dominant than you would expect an oriental chest to be; they tend to be more subtle and ornate in design. However, given its minimalistic design, it actually fits within the smooth lines and symmetry of a contemporary home rather seamlessly. The distressed edgign and brass handles ensure it retains some of it’s traditional charm.

Small White Butterfly Cabinet РThis represents the delicate and ornate style I mentioned above. The benefit of introducing such a compact and stylish piece to your home is that you are able to express yourself without having to donate a huge amount of floor/wall space to a very specific style.

You can see all of these pieces, as well as a whole host of other oriental and contemporary items here!

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