Turn your entire wall into a library!


Whilst perusing the interweb for interior design inspiration, I usually come across two kinds of interiors: practical solutions and crazy, mind boggling installations. It’s pretty rare for something to tick both boxes, which is exactly what this full-wall library does!

What I like about this idea, which unfortunately I wasn’t able to source, is the balance between simplicity and grandeur. The idea is a relatively simple space-saver, but the execution is what makes it. In the picture, the shelves are clearly very ornate and made to a bespoke design, but there’s no reason you can’t do this for yourself on any budget.

A few notes:

-This looks great on an A-Frame in a loft, but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t work elsewhere. It would just be slightly different.

-Even the most avid readers might not have enough books to kit out a whole library wall. Is it weird to buys lots of old books from eBay, just to fill the space, or is that where we draw the line? I’ll let you decide.

-I’m not sure how comfortable I feel with that vase in the top left.

-If you did this in an ordinary, straight ceiling room, you’d be able to use one of those cool sliding library ladders.

-The scope for sliding ladders would be minimal in an A-Frame…

-Solid wood floors are an absolute must to complete this look. Keeping the rustic edge will prevent your home library from looking too much like

-Utilising the space around the door is actually far more impressive than usingĀ  awhole wall. Plenty of people use whole walls for storage, but walls with doors are often written off.

Overall verdict A-

Had to deduct points for the vase.

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