Retro Interior Additions – 5 of the Best!

Retro clock redThis bold retro clock is straight out of the ’50s. Newgate are known for their more refined British designs, but the ‘Sunburst’ is a bold explosion of retro design. Although incredibly bold in appearance, the sunburst clock will be equally at home in a modern interior, as well as a slightly more retro room setting.

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A vintage movie Poster – Which film you choose is, of course, entirely up to you. This iconic King Kong poster, from AllPosters is the epitome of 30s, pre-war Hollywood. There is absolutely no denying that older movie posters are much better than their modern counterpart; it was simply more of an art in itself back then.

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Brick clock– Before digital clocks made it commonplace for us to abandon traditional clocks, there were flip clocks. Mechanically, flip clocks are rather impressive, manually changing numbered panels to show the time plain and simple. It’s strange to picture a time when people weren’t as used to seeing the time in the format of  four numbers. Anyway, this awesome flip clock by Leff is the perfect contemporary reincarnation of a vintage style.

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Coca Cola Glasses – Turn your kitchen into a retro diner! These throwback glasses from drinkstuff are an absolute bargain at £9.99 . The retro designs are adequately subtle for the more refined interior, unlike the larger novelty Coke glasses available. The also sell Pepsi glasses if you are *ehem* that way inclined.

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Retro Phone- For those of you that still like the idea of using your landline, this is a must have retro accessory. Remembering how to operate the dial will be the biggest challenge for the young’ns among us. This model from GPO Phones is available in a few different colours. They have a few phones which are even older, if this is a little too recent for you.

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