Hide Away your Techno-Clutter for a Contemporary Living Room

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We all love catching up on our favourite TV show or the latest movie releases. With Smart TV’s and online streaming, it’s easier than ever to find visual entertainment. With TV and other electronics come the inevitable miles of cable, as well as the various remotes to power them. We’ve put together a few tips to help you hide these eyesores and

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Cable Covers-Cable covers, like this one from IKEA, are ideal for tidying away cables without having to drill into anything. You can paint straight over the cover, which at least partially hides the evidence!

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Large Contemporary Storage Cabinets-This contemporary storage cabinet from Belgian brand, Ethnicraft, is made from FSC certified solid teak. The oily tone of teak creates quite a nice contrast with the typical silver and black of the assorted TV related gadgets.

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Storage boxes for remotes- This rope storage box from John Lewis isĀ  a nice little homely addition. The more gadgets we accumulate, the more different remotes we need to control them. As well as hiding the eye sore of the remotes, a storage box enables you to keep them all in one place!

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Prioritise books, not DVD’s- Even in a contemporary home, traditional aspects are important. Shelves of DVD’s generally end up being a glossy colour-mash, disrupting the flow and styling of the living room. A solid oak bookcase help to create more of a creative, intellectual atmosphere, as well as being more pleasing on the eye.




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