5 Great Online Interior Design Resources


Color Matters Color Wheel  Despite the quite frankly immoral spelling of the word ‘colour’, the Color Matters ‘Colour Wheel’ page is a great place to start when trying to figure out which colours to use and, more importantly, in which combination. Colour is a good place to start when designing an interior, so this should be one of your first ports of call.

r/interiordesign Reddit community – As far as social interaction and idea sharing goes, the interior design community of Reddit is the clear leader. The benefit of the community is that anyone can post interesting links, questions or tips. The rating system means that the best content will rise to the top, allowing for educational and interesting discussion. You could even post a picture of your room and ask for some tips/input!

Apartment Therapy – The go-to interiors website for tips, tricks and general advice. Apartment therapy is essentially a really in depth blog, with lots of different categories. The categories range from high-end interior makeovers to low budget creative interior tips. There are also a number of pages dedicated to making your home  a more ‘green’ and environmentally friendly space. We wouldn’t mention another interiors blog if we didn’t think it brought something good to the table!

Pinterest Pinterest is such a great tool for gathering ideas, and easily categorising and sharing them. If you aren’t familiar with Pinterest, it is essentially the online equivalent of cutting pictures out of magazines and creating lots of scrapbooks as your basis for inspiration. A big bonus of Pinterest is the speed and accessibility of the system. If you are at a stage when you’re ready to buy some furniture or interior accessories, you’ll be able to click directly through to a growing number of online stores who use the site.

IKEA Hackers – Although flat-pack isn’t really our style, we aren’t too snobby to acknowledge its existence! IKEA Hackers is a really cool, original idea; something which the internet can be pretty short of these days. The site is entirely made up of alternative ways to use pieces of furniture from those clever Swedish people at IKEA. The ‘hackers’ have use there own interior know how to create new recipes with the same ingredients that IKEA provide. Definitely worth a look if you are on  a tight budget or need a little extra creative inspiration!



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