New Year’s Resolutions for your Dining Room


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Liven up the dining table Chairs + Table = Dining Room. It can be seem pretty formulaic and really restrict your sense of freedom when designing the room. You do need a table and you do need somewhere to sit, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give the dining room your own unique touch. Round tables and benches are great ways to give your dining room something different.

Think about size – The amount of seating you want doesn’t always align with the amount of space you have available. If you want a large table, but don’t have the space, then an extending dining table will enable you to seat more when necessary. Just because you sometimes have a lot of guests, doesn’t mean you need to have a giant table every day. If your table is big enough for your whole extended family, it will feel far too large as you tuck into your bolognese on an ordinary Thursday night.

Clear any clutter Once the table populated with cutlery, food, plates, drinks and people, the room will look very busy indeed. A table covered with food and drink is a beautiful sight, but not if the rest of the room is too cluttered. Keep peripheral sideboards and other surfaces clear. The sense of space will make for a much more relaxing dining room environment, which is essential.

LightingLighting can change the appearance and atmosphere of a room instantly. Warm candles and lamps will create a sense of cosiness and intimacy, where as large white spotlights will emphasise light and space. If you are fortunate to benefit from a lot of natural light, then you can have option in the day and one at night!

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    cool designs thanks for beds company UK

  2. Dining Sets

    Hi Alex.

    You’ve put together some fantastic tips here. I completely agree with your point about clearing the table of clutter. Why spend your hard earner money on a beautiful piece of furniture and cover it up?

    Best wishes, Alex

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