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Teak Furniture For the Bedroom, Dining Room and

Living Room

Teak is a lovely wood that is brilliant for making all kinds of furniture. This is why 4 Living are pleased to offer a stunning range of teak furniture for the bedroom, living room and dining room. Teak is a hardwood, which means it is really durable and teak furniture is extremely sturdy, making it ideal for use in any room of your house. Teak wood is also extremely attractive and will look amazing with any colour scheme, so no matter your tastes when it comes to furniture style, you are sure to find the perfect item of teak furniture for every room.

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Teak bedroom furniture

When it comes to 4 Living’s range of teak bedroom furniture, you really are spoilt for choice. There are some great statement pieces available that would be lovely on their own or you could even team them up with other items on offer for a stylish bedroom ensemble. For instance, you could choose the gorgeous Horizon teak bed, which works beautifully when paired with a super-comfortable Essentia natural memory foam mattress . These mattresses are ideal for getting a good night’s sleep as they conform to your individual body shape, meaning that they are guaranteed to be blissfully comfortable. They are also organic and non-toxic which makes them much healthier than traditional memory foam.

Then you could accessorise your beautiful teak bed with the Horizon teak nightstand. It is important to add one each side of the bed for a sense of harmony and balance. On top of your nightstand, add a brightly-coloured glass table lamp for reading and creating a romantic or calming ambience. This whole look will come together to create a wonderfully classy bedroom that is not only perfect for modern fashions but is also timeless, so you’ll be able to enjoy its luxurious sense of beauty for years to come. With teak chests of drawers and wardrobes also on offer, we have everything you need to create a warm, inviting and practical bedroom.

Teak Furniture – click here to view our teak furniture collection.

Teak dining room furniture

We also offer some gorgeous teak furniture for the dining room. At present 4 Living has one style of teak dining table and one teak dining chair on offer, but this range is set to expand soon so it’s definitely worth checking back if you don’t love what’s there already.

As well as the contemporary teak dining table and chairs, though, you could also expand on your teak dining room furniture with a lovely chest of drawers, which would be great for storing items such as cutlery, place mats or other items. A great option for a kitchen or kitchen diner could also include the teak bar stool and bar table – great for enjoying light bites they are a particularly good option if you are short on space.

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Teak storage

Finally, we come to the great options of teak furniture available for storage purposes. We offer good quality, solid wood teak storage products to hide away the clutter and create a tidy space.

For instance, our teak shoe storage unit would be great in lots of different places in your house and it will enable you to keep things tidy while still making your home look fantastic with this gorgeous piece. Another brilliant option is the teak locker, which comes with multiple shelves. Whether you choose to store your clothes in here or something else entirely, it works in pretty much any room and will always look classy and sturdy – no matter how much clutter you store inside!

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Teak wood

Teak wood was once mainly used for the manufacture of garden furniture, but its versatility means that it is becoming increasingly popular for making indoor furniture too. The great range of teak furniture on offer from 4 Living is proof that teak is just as good indoors as it is outside and is ideal in both contemporary and more rustic style homes.

Teak is a tropical hardwood that is commonly found in Indonesia, India, Malaysia and Myanmar. Recently it has become more popular for use as furniture, and as a result it is also being grown more frequently in countries in Africa and the Caribbean. One of the best things about teak is the beautiful appearance of the wood. If you choose to have teak furniture with a natural finish, then you will benefit from gorgeous natural, earthy colours that complement each other extremely well. Teak can also be stained dark, for an elegant dark wood furniture effect. Even if you choose to have teak furniture that has a dark, stained finish, the natural tones of the wood will still be evident to a degree, so you can still enjoy the wonderful variation on offer.

All of the teak used in furniture by 4 Living is FSC certified sustainable wood. This means that the wood used by 4 Living has been cleared by the Forest Stewardship Council as being from sustainable, well-managed forests,. This is important as deforestation is currently a major problem and people are becoming increasingly concerned about buying their wooden furniture from sustainable sources.

Also, 4 Living likes to use reclaimed teak wherever possible. This means that the furniture is manufactured out of teak that has previously been used for other things and it is, therefore, even more environmentally friendly – something that 4 Living believes is very important to promote.

Teak Furniture – click here to view our teak furniture collection.