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In the UK, we have a tendency to revert to ‘island mentality’ and think we can manage without the help of others. Britain can claim an awful lot of credit for it’s many historical inventions: the steam engine, electric vacuum cleaner, television and football (soccer) to name but a few. It’s good to be proud of your own country’s history, but the only way to truly progress is to allow yourself to be influenced by the advancements, inspiration and cultural difference of other nations. We should give credit to our American cousins for far more than the double cheeseburger and, and embrace their take on the ever-expanding world of contemporary interiors.

America is a great country to take inspiration from, simply due to it’s vastness. Their population of of approximately 314 million has to include some pretty talented people, right? We’ve found three such people/services which represent what we can learn from he other side of the Atlantic!

Customized WallsScreen Shot 2013-06-10 at 12.33.58

Customized Walls could not be a more descriptive name; these guys really take customisation to the next level! We try and give you the best contemporary furniture advice but, if your walls don’t work with the room, your furniture won’t matter. Nicely designed walls are the cornerstone for a unique contemporary home, which is why Customized Walls have created such an interesting and personal method wall decoration.

When they say ‘Customized’ they really mean it (let’s forget the UK vs US spelling battle); you can choose a design or image from their huge archive or, alternatively, you can upload your own image and turn it into contemporary wall art. Customized Walls are using their own innovative ideas to utilise the technology available, and to bring interior design into the 21st century. You’ll find quite a few services offering to print your pictures onto a canvas or frame them, but wall paper and whole-wall decals are a new and innovative way of personalising your home.

Decorating By DonnaScreen Shot 2013-06-10 at 11.50.45

Decorating by Donna is the perfect example of how a simple idea, done the right way, can work. Interior Designer, Donna Frasco, has used her design blog to carve out her own little niche as a leading expert on interior colours. Colour is one of the most important aspects of the home; if you make bad colour choices it can ruin your design, no matter what other interior decisions you have made.

‘Decorating by Donna’ offers an in depth look at different interior colour options, their pros, cons and the current trends in the world of colour. Donna really separates her site from the rest by paying attention to all of the smallest details and posting simple, bite-sized chunks of design wisdom.

Jeffrey DesignScreen Shot 2013-06-10 at 12.45.47An interior is made up of hundreds, maybe thousands, of tiny little details. We can all probably make decisions on a few of those details in our own homes. We might even be able to decide on every detail in the home; the key is putting all of the little components together to create a flowing, contemporary environment. Jeffrey Design, interior design by Jeffrey Johnson, is the perfect solution to lack of style, flow and identity within the home.

Since 2008, Jeffrey Design has grown into one of the most renowned and desired interior design services in the country. Jeffrey is also a licences real estate agent, which gives him a slightly different perspective to many other designers in the industry. As well as extensive knowledge and experience of the contemporary interiors industry, Jeffrey (and the company as a whole) are also able to look at a property’s desirability in terms of re-sale. Jeffrey Interiors have been featured in a number of online publications including Houzz, Living Magazine and Design Shuffle.

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